Project List


May 14, 2020


At well sites, time is money. The researchers found that operators using a proactive data- based approach experience 36% less unplanned downtime than those with a reactive approach. Considering the cost of equipment malfunction, the monetary gains from avoiding this loss of production can be huge.

Business Challenge

The well sites have various sensors ranging from flow meters to pressure sensors and variable speed drives. Condition-based maintenance and monitoring strategies should be planned and implemented to ensure maximum output while adhering to the safety and regulation policies.

Summery of Requirements:
  • Live monitoring
  • Custom automation
  • Scalable platform
  • Alarms/notifications
  • Real-time reporting
  • Total site analytics
  • Mobile UI


Through simple but robust internet of things (IoT) technology, the ezeio controller acts as a messenger and manager to assist with the efficient operation of your well site(s) and equipment. Real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, vibration, oil levels, battery life, engine parameters and more is made readily available on your mobile or desktop device. Data logs and productivity reports are also compiled in easy-to- read dashboards to help you optimize efficiency and ensure your well sites are operating safely.

The ezeio controller helps in managing the well sites proactively through notifications and alarms that will raise alarms on detection of potential problems before they become severe. Historically, plant managers and maintenance crews have been in a constant state of catch-up, reacting to issues after the events have occurred. The device automation can configure equipment to prevent critical events like spills and damage and continue smooth functioning – at lower cost.

Project Impact

Owing to its ease of installation and use, the ezeio controller allows you to plug in the device and start analyzing the complete system without any assistance from skilled technical consultants. The simple user interface allows users to add sites, equipment, and low-cost automation features without hesitation.

The system allows for universal site consolidation in a seamless manner via the software user interface.

Most of the customization and system updates can be done without any additional charges through self-service functionality, and all programming is handled remotely – saving you the time needed to travel to site location. This the ezeio controller is a cost-effective and feature-rich Industrial IoT product that can accelerate your business growth in a short span of time.