Project List
May 14 2020


We have supplied & installed the Ateco made Rewinder Earthing System (RES) at various oil terminals operated by leading companies in oil & natural gas sector from Indian & oversea.

Business Challenge

Rim Seal fires are the most common type of fire for floating roof tanks, especially EFRT. It is estimated that 95% of rim seal fires are the result of lightning strikes and 0.16% of all tanks with rim seals will experience a rim seal fire in any given year.

A full-proof solution was required at the clients Oil terminal for the lightning risks to the Floating Roof Storage Tanks. The conventional Shunts – Metal strip that electrically bond to the shell wall and the roof of a floating roof tank, was used which has following drawbacks:

  • Rust, waxy product deposits, and paint can line the inner wall of the shell
  • The floating roof can drift slightly off-center and disconnect some of the shunts from the shell

Installation details

The Rewinder Earthing System (RES) was installed in our supervision which proved to be effective in meeting the risk-reduction requirements at the oil terminals. Following are the features of the RES installed on the terminal.

  • The retractable, braided grounding cable maximizes surface area and adjusts its length with the height of the floating roofs, guaranteeing the lowest possible impedance/resistance.
  • The RES is not affected by the condition of the tank because the RES and cable are bolted and sealed to optimal locations on the tank shell and floating roof.
  • To resist corrosion, the reel is constructed from stainless steel and the copper cable is tinned
  • The RES is designed to retrofit easily onto any existing tank, even those that are in service. It is also is easy to inspect and is designed to be very low maintenance.

Project Impact

Our clients have reported following impact or highlights of the RES project.

  • Effective Permanent, reliable, low-impedance bond prevents fires triggered by lightning currents
  • Economical Low initial cost and exceptional return on investment
  • Easy-to-Install in few hours on new and existing tanks.
  • Long-Lasting Engineered for years of durability and reliable performance in corrosive environments.
  • Low-Maintenance Requires virtually no upkeep as compared to shunts