Project List
May 14 2020


WBS has installed Geodesic Dome Roofs for various clients in India. Our installations have an extensive track record in the Oil & Gas industry and servicing requirements of our clients in the country. 

Business Challenge

The oil terminals in India require superior quality Geodesic Dome Roofs made from Aluminum. Our product is at par with the geographical conditions in the country which is why it is the most preferred cover solution for any type of storage application. 

Installation details

The dome roofs were installed in the supervision of WBS team at various locations with the help of simplified installation drawings. The installation process involved zero hot onsite. Following are the key features of our Geodesic Dome Roofs.


  • In- service installation – Can be setup on the ground besides the tank or on an EFR and lifted into the place with ease
  • Custom engineered – To accommodate a wide range of spans and loading conditions for smooth operation
  • Standardized design The geodesic dome roofs are being designed as per the latest edition of API 650
  • Platforms available – We offer you centralized and gauging platforms with handrails for various operational purpose

Project Impact

The operational impact of the Geodesic Dome Roofs has following benefits:

  • Most effective leak-protection solution – Engineered for maximum weather-tightness for both new tanks and retrofits
  • The product provides double sealing on clamp bars to get the most effective leak protection
  • Low maintenance cost – Aluminum alloys are corrosion resistant and do not require painting like steel fixed roofs. There is no need for rebolting as the connections are made by lock bolts
  • Emissions reduction – Reduces wind-induced vapor loss, aids in odor control and provides significant emission credits
  • For light products such as gasoline, a dome installed over an EFR can cut emissions by over 90%