Project List
May 14 2020


As a part of its recent engineering enhancement project, Heil Trailer has unveiled its newest product in the industry’s leading dry bulk trailer segment.

The Project

The 1611 Super Jet Dry Bulk trailer has a long-proven design in dry bulk efficiency, cleanliness, and ease of use for food and sanitary applications. The new model has extensive features which enhances the product value, setting a benchmark in the dry bulk trailers segment across the globe.

  • Substantial upgrades
  • Smart engineering innovation
  • Lightest food-grade clean bore dry bulk trailer in the industry


The project initiative is so keen on creating a footprint in the dry bulk trailer segment; hence the 1611 Super Jet Dry Bulk trailer is a total package that leads the industry in capacity per pound for dry bulk. The new product incorporates certain improvements in key areas, namely.

  • Optimizing the frame, vessel, hoppers, and complete unit
  • Greater fill capacity
  • Faster unloading
  • Easy to clean

Project Impact

The strut-framed, aerodynamic design of the 1611 Super Jet has been a representative of the company’s commitment to industry leadership in dry bulk. Heil Trailer was the first manufacturer to produce a dry-bulk trailer of this size without the need for internal rings. This ring-less clean bore design promotes complete clean-out and eliminates areas for bacteria to form, promoting the utmost in cleanliness for critical sanitary and food applications.