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How IIoT will Revolutionize the Oil and Gas Industry

The processes in the Oil & Gas industry, both critical and non-critical, need to be monitored with utmost accuracy. Maintaining the assets and collecting the data from various machines, sensors, etc. requires a full-proof mechanism to preserve the integrity of the data.

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Smart Fleet Management with IoT

The global fuel reserves will soon become extinct in next 50 years. The exhaustive use of this non-renewable resource has raised an alarm for effective usage of available fuel. With the advent of IoT, application of GPS fuel monitoring system has boosted the functionality of vehicle tracking systems providing the users with information about the location co-ordinates, speed of the vehicle, and various other parameters related to fuel monitoring.

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Applications of Industry 4.0

“The ideal factories which are "industry 4.0" powered have machines enabled with wireless connectivity and sensors, networked to the smart devices, capable of monitoring, collecting, storing the data over the cloud and making smart decisions with minimal human intervention.”

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